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Take command with an expanded party! With up to five Blood Maidens at their control,
each protagonist can swiftly turn the tide in battle with an array of turn-based commands.
Hit enemies where it hurts - perform Overkills and attack weak points to splatter the enemy's pink blood!
Splattered blood drenches the Blood Maidens, affecting the field of play.
The more splattered blood, the stronger the Blood Maidens become.
Surpassing a certain threshold activates Massacre Mode or Blood Skelter Mode in battle!
Ordering a Blood Maiden to lick another activates their Blood Soul Skill.
Experience Mary Skelter with improved battle animations!


Massacre Mode


Continual blood splatter in battle raises each Blood Maiden's Blood Splatter meter.
Fill the meter to activate Massacre Mode!
Activating Massacre Mode unlocks Massacre Skills for use in battle,
along with boosting all of the respective Blood Maiden's stats, allowing her to unleash devastating attacks!


Blood Skelter Mode


Receiving damage or becoming KO'd in battle affects each Blood Maiden's emotional stability,
compounding the corruption meter in battle.
Accumulating too much corruption sends a Blood Maiden into Blood Skelter Mode,
a state of madness that can prove fatal.
In Blood Skelter Mode, Blood Maidens will disobey the player's commands.
They may turn rogue, attacking friends and foes alike in the heat of combat.
Can you take advantage of their maddened state to overcome tough enemies? Use at your own risk!
Blood Skelter Mode can only be reversed by risking your protagonist's life to purify the Blood Maiden!




Use the "Lick" command in battle to save a fellow Blood Maiden by licking the blood off of her!
Doing so activates a Blood Soul skill which can either recover a unit or strengthen it in battle!
Licking a Blood Maiden removes the blood and resets her Blood Splatter meter, delaying Massacre Mode from activating.
Effects vary among Blood Maidens. Experiment to find the optimal result!
Customize the party best suited to your play style.


Will you choose Massacre Mode to enhance Blood Abilities, or will you Lick to buff allies in battle?
The fate of the Blood Maidens rests in your hands!

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