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Use the Blood Farm to grow Blood Flowers within a Jail tower.
Burying Blood Crystals obtained from battle produces Blood Flowers,
which can be exchanged for items and equipment!

Sprinkle Marchen blood on a Blood Flower to turn it gold!
Rare items sprout from golden Blood Flowers.

The following enhancements can be performed on your equipment:
・Enhance weapons up to Lv. 99
・Unlock 15 types of Equipment Skills
・Imbue weapons with up to 4 Status Ailments
・60 types of nicknames
・9 types of attribute effects
Bloodshot: Higher chance of activating Kagome-Kagome Effect
Slice: Increase chance of blood splatter
Strike: Increase critical rate attacks

There are over 1 million potential combinations, so craft the perfect weapon!


When Hameln is in your party, players can use her "Magnetic Piccolo" ability to
gather all of the fully-bloomed Blood Flowers to activate "Update Chance"!
Once Update Chance activates, farmed equipment may have randomly assigned status enhancements!

When harvesting multiple Blood Flowers,
use Update Chance to obtain even rarer weapons than usual!

Share these weapons with the Dust Box to optimize equipment across all parties.

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