Chase Mode makes its frightening return!
Nightmares roaming the Jail floors will pursue you relentless if you encroach upon their territory.


Entering the Nightmare Space envelops the field in darkness.


Once a Nightmare spots its prey, the chase will begin!

Nightmares are powerful guardians patrolling Jail towers.
Until the source of their power is destroyed,
they will regenerate their limbs and relentlessly hunt even if you defeat them in battle!

Chase Mode begins once a Nightmare spots you on its patrol.
If the Nightmare catches you, it will trigger a challenging battle.
In this installment, Nightmare attacks summon the Insectmares!

Nightmares are initially invincible, meaning victory is impossible!
Use traps to your advantage to damage a Nightmare's body parts to escape, escape, escape!
Once you are freed from the Nightmare Space, it will lose sight of you, allowing the Blood Maidens to escape!


Insectmares will ambush you with their parent in battle!