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During battle, a Nightmare's creepy offspring, known as Insectmares, may appear.

These terrifying larvae horde like locusts when targeting a Blood Maiden,
sticking themselves onto her body without warning.
Being stuck by Insectmares can disable certain commands.
In some cases, they may even cause status ailments!
Insectmares may be small, but they are not to be trifled with.


Splatter Nightmare or Marchen blood to defeat these pesky creatures!
Attacking them directly can increase your Blood Splatter meters or boost stats, allowing you to switch the advantage for yourself.


Blood Splatter icon before defeating Insectmares


Blood Splatter icon after defeating Insectmares

Players can use the Jail Roulette or Blood Packs to stop them.
Know thy enemy to master their benefits!


Certain conditions must be fulfilled to summon Insectmares onscreen to attack the Blood Maidens.
If players are caught in the Nightmare Space, or if a trap is triggered while exploring, Insectmares will swarm the player.
Keep an eye on Nightmares in battle, as well as on the Jail's mood, to use these pests to your advantage.

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