When enemies splatter enough blood,
they will spin around to look behind them, activating the Kagome-Kagome Effect!

Attack enemies while their heads are turned to deal massive damage to their weak points.
Some weapons have a Bloodshot Effect, in tandem with certain skills, to activate the Kagome-Kagome Effect.
Enemies in this state become defenseless, increasing the damage dealt by your party and the amount of blood splattered by foes


Lay the hurt on an enemy's weak points to increase the chance of Kagome-Kagome.

Strategize while an enemy turns around by ordering all Blood Maidens to strike at once,
or take the time to regroup and heal your party.
Mastery of this skill can render an enemy inactive for one whole turn!


Use the Kagome-Kagome effect to get the better of a Nightmare!

Buy yourself time against a Nightmare!
Use this ability during challenging battles!