In Mary Skelter Finale, players can choose from a list of playable protagonists to progress.
Switch between groups using the Zapping system!


Jack, Mary, Toh, Red Riding Hood, Clara, and Pyre's paths will all intersect throughout this scintillating prison break! What horrors await these six party leaders?!

Navigate through the dungeons with several parties at once!
During exploration, players progress by switching between parties to solve puzzles
which may impede another party's progress.


Search the tower floors with the Zapping system to ensure everyone's safe passage out of the towers.
View the Zapping screen to identify where each party is currently located, and check the number of treasure boxes and other locations within a dungeon.

Freedom from the Jail towers means avoiding traps and pitfalls,
but some gimmicks are unavoidable without help!
If your party has no way to progress further, Zap to another party to locate a solution.
Solving puzzles may open up a new path for another party, allowing them to scale the tower.
Master the Zapping system during dungeon exploration to unravel the mystery of the Devouring Armada Tower!

After successfully clearing a gimmick, one of the other protagonists will notify the player with an animation. If that happens, Zap to another party!


With the Zapping system, players can control 6 parties at once and accumulate more treasure than ever.
Teamwork makes the dream work~


Located sporadically through each dungeon are chests called Dust Boxes.
Store unused items and equipment for another party to access later,
allowing you to hand off tools which may save someone else in battle.

When you're stuck, try trading items with the Dust Box.